About Reliable Computer Solutions and more!

Reliable Computer Solutions and more has over 15 years of IT experience and has worked with many small to mid-sized businesses across a broad range of industries. We also service many residential locations, and take pride in knowing that whether it is a business, or a home/residence, both are equal when it comes to setting up, backing up, and securing their data. We also realize that each business/residence usually have their own needs and providing each with their own solution along with working closely with the client gets the job done.

We can honestly say that we get a great feeling of satisfaction after each and every install or service ticket. It is a great feeling knowing that our customers are satisfied as well. We have many years of customer service under our belt and we know how to communicate with the end user/customer.

Our Contact Resource Management software enables us to keep track of all service orders, inventory, warranty information and all of the other important details of each and every customer.

In order to serve the customer with timely and accurate support, we supply each customer with all pertinent information, such as administration information. Along with that information all software, licensing, and warranty information is provided along with a complete network diagram to each client.

As we see it, having excellent network documentation is the key to being able to solve any issues that may arise in a timely fashion.

What makes us so reliable?