Tips and Best Practices on Computers and Technology

  1. Always make sure your antivirus is up to date and current. It is very important to keep all of your software up to date. Also note, even with your AV/SW up to date, it is still very important to be careful with which websites you are visiting and what software you are downloading.
  2. Backup all of your data. It is best to have both an onsite backup and an offsite backup. There are many vendors who support offsite backups at a reasonable price. Contact a Reliable rep and we will help you setup and configure an offsite/onsite backup using Mozy (
  3. Keep your PC/Laptop/Mac in a well ventilated area in your residence or building. Air flow and dust free, clean environment is very important to its lifespan.
  4. Keep your PC/Laptop/MAC up to date via updates from Microsoft/Apple websites. Performing with updates current will help protect your data.
  5. Use strong passwords when setting up any necessary passwords for you Devices/Websites.  Do not use children names, birthdates, or pets names as passwords as they can easily be guessed by hackers.
  6. Avoid using public computers for any business/personal sensitive information. With today’s technology, there are many types of software that can record every keystroke.
  7. Whether protecting your Business or Home, you should make sure your router has a built in firewall. If it doesn’t, be sure to have your windows firewall on along with your AntiVirus firewall.
  8. If you travel with a laptop/mac probook, do not leave your equipment in your vehicle for a couple of reasons:
  9. The excessive hot/cold temperature can damage the critical components of your equipment.
  10. If in plain sight, it could possibly get stolen, which could also lead to your vehicle being damaged.
  11. When replacing an older or broken computer/laptop, it is very important to have the hard drive forensically wiped of its data. It is very easy for your data to land in the wrong hands. Do not assume that whomever is removing your equipment is going to wipe/destroy the data.
  12. The most important tip of all….If you are unsure or feel that you need any help with the Installation, maintenance and protection of your PC/Mac/Network do not hesitate to contact Reliable Computer Solutions and More!